Shop is an elegant walk-in closet, resembling charming boutique. It off ers the intimate space in which to immerse yourself to comfortably access clothes and personal items and choose your outfit. Shop is not a simple walk-in closet: the possibility of adding sliding glass screens on totally hidden tracks, allows enhancing and protecting your most precious objects, while also leaving them visible and easily accessible. Shop is available with drawers, hives, shelves, trays and a rich collection of leather accessories. Light integrates with fittings to enhance the beauty of wardrobe interiors. The walk-in closet is dressed up in the most precious materials, including Stone Oak, leather or metal details. Designed according to the APP, Architectural_Partition_Project, logic, Shop can be integrated with all other systems in the collection. The rear of the self-supporting walk-in closet, installed in the center of the room, can be completed with Center, another Avenue or Shop cabin, a vertical panel with fi xed leaves, or paneling that can be fitted with shelves, desk tops and suspended bases.

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