Center goes beyond any standard. It is a wardrobe system on industrial scale. With flexible parts and sizes (height, width and depth), it is designed to the millimeter according to the available space. Even the doors, whether hinged, sliding or coplanar, are made in measure. In this way, unsightly buffering effects are avoided by creating elements that create balanced and harmonious overall results. Attention to detail continues in the interior, in which the wood’s natural beauty is enhanced. The sides are intact and clean because they are carefully customized to accommodate only holes necessary for fittings. The wide variety of woods is completed with two types of Stone Oak and the possibility of combining other natural materials, such as leather, glass, mirrors and metal. For our doors, we propose more than 50 finishes. Light integrates with fittings to enhance the beauty of wardrobe interiors. Drawer interiors can be enriched by a wide range of accessories, all upholstered in leather. Center is born as a “central” element of APP, Architectural_ Partition_Project, created according to a rationale that allows placing the wardrobe anywhere in the available space. It can blend in with the wall, just like any other wardrobe, or take center stage in the room. A supporting structure on which to fix other elements that complete the rear side: a Center wardrobe, an Avenue or Shop cabin, a vertical panel with fixed doors, or paneling that can be equipped with shelves, desk tops and suspended bases.

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