On the occasion of the Fuori Salone, Busnelli with Candiani Denim and Dondup propose an original synergy between fashion and design.
The timeless modernity and intuitive power of Fiocco and Armadillo meet for the first time the energy and creative freshness that have made Candiani Denim famous in the international panorama of eco-sustainable textile production. The result is of great impact.

The appointment is during the design week, at the Candiani Denim flagship store, in the heart of Milan in Piazza Mentana 3, where Candiani Denim, Dondup, and Busnelli join in “Italian Denim & Design”. In the name of elegance and modernity the new Candiani Denim flagship store, recently designed by the architect Mattia Pareschi, becomes the perfect setting for hosting two historic Busnelli armchairs, designed in the 1970s by Gianni Pareschi: Armadillo and Fiocco ; two cult pieces, which through the Denim coating become a whimsical reinterpretation.
Fiocco, the sinuous design of the curved metal tubular structure, is sheathed with an elastic Denim fabric, just as the Armadillo armchair, in a Limited Edition of 25 pieces, literally changes leather by amplifying the Denim effect, thanks to the use of the material ironically played by combining the front with the back of the fabric.
In the shop window the historic pieces of Busnelli, Armadillo, Baffo, Fiocco and Libro will be on display, the latter two being part of the permanent collection of the MOMA in New York.
An encounter that confirms once again how fashion and design can always find new and unexpected links, a synthesis between the past and the present of the past and the future.

Busnelli, is the brand dedicated to the furnishings and accessories of the living and night area that brings together the collaborations of big names in international design. A complete offer full of high quality and comfort products. Busnelli for over 60 years, tells the world, the sophisticated Italian taste, through the work of its artisans-artists, who pass on the knowledge of the trade from generation to generation, managing to translate ideas and provocations of various designers, into iconic products, some of which have also become part of the permanent collection of the MoMa in NY.
Busnelli recently merged with Former, brand famous for its living and sleeping area systems; together for a home that becomes an open, flexible and at the same time complete system.

Candiani Denim, the manufacturer that produces excellent Denim canvas since 1938, a pioneer of sustainable production, has always shown how a premium Denim must be produced, combining ethics and aesthetics, without compromise. The constant striving for the creation of sustainable canvases has allowed Candiani Denim the worldwide recognized title of “The Greenest Mill in the Blue World”.

DONDUP, a brand that has always been a leader in the premium denim sector and a spokesman for authenticity and modernity; through the eco-sustainable project D / zero it takes with determination a “green” path intended as innovation and maximum expression of denim culture, with traceable and certified washings and finishes, through the development of a series of exclusive treatments on denim cloth. All 100% made in Italy.

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