Company History

From the beginning, new living horizons.

Former was founded in Cantù in 1967. Italian design began to emerge in these years, when the Company immediately positioned itself as a trailblazer, by leveraging artisanal experience honed since the early 1900s, also preserved in its industrial-scale production. Former combines technology and beauty, excellence of materials and research to produce functional modular systems. Projects such as Euro, Zeronove and Plinto stand as contemporary classics and production is still Made in Italy at 0 km, closely linked to the identity of Brianza, a district that has long established itself as the hub of furniture production. This is where the Former collections start their journey around the world. In 2010, relying on its new business structure, the Company also reached into emerging markets, the Middle East and major European cities, showcasing its products for both the residential and commercial commission-based sectors. The acquisition of Busnelli, leader in upholstered furniture, in 2017, marks the evolution towards a global vision of good living.

Freedom of research and design.

Former loves to explore new languages. In a stimulating exchange with designers, Former’s creative team goes beyond stereotypical neutral and seemingly invisible wardrobes that camouflage with the wall. Containers and wardrobes become protagonists of space and decisive elements of architectural partition. They can transform themselves into wall, complete with light points and doors, integrate with wooden paneling, containers and open elements, delimit sleeping, living, and study areas, or standing in the center of the room, becoming a functional and aesthetic fulcrum of the environment. In increasingly more fluid living areas, the Former systems offer the freedom to change space organization to accommodate new needs and desires. Timeless shapes that evolve with those who choose them.