What is an APP system?

APP stands for Architectural Partitions Project and it is a system which moves away from the classical concept of wardrobes. It can be defined as a true program usable to define domestic spaces.

What are the wardrobe design system's functions?

The wardrobe collection APP designed by Former has a function of acting as containment, but at the same time creates different ambiances and functionally divides the home while saving space.

What are the main Former’s purposes?

Former wants to combine the night area with the living area in its ideal home, where space is perceived as one, and where the limits of the areas dedicated to sleep and daily activities are not clearly defined. These areas are completed with:


What are the characteristic elements of Former’s wardrobe design system?

The modular containers can be placed against a wall as a traditional wardrobe or they can become “walls” completed with doorway passages, doors in line or wardrobe doors. The wardrobes come with:
  • Hinged doors
  • Normal or coplanar sliding doors
  • Walk-in closet
The internal solutions are based on a rectangular grill design, where drawers, boxes or open vanes can be designed. For more info see the Night systems / APP

Main characteristics of wardrobe design system

  • Quality materials
  • Highly customizable internal fittings
  • Valuable different finishes and colors
  • Meticulous design
  • Internal usability
  • Better use of space
  • Contemporary and modern look
  • Precise partitions of the space
  • Functionality
  • Beauty
  • Exclusivity
  • Italian finest design quality
So today, Former is among the first companies in Italy to focus on the design of modular systems. Former's products have become an integral part of the organization and architecture of spaces, thanks mainly to:
  • the high level of innovation
  • the close attention paid to the engineering of products
  • the craftsmanship of the work process as tradition requires.
The soul of Former is now divided into two pieces among products that represent veritable elements of architecture and exclusive pieces that meet every day needs without sacrificing the pleasure of Italian high-quality design.